Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Word About Words

I need to apologize in general for embracing words of violence such as "slapped" and "smacked down."  In my recent post about the nuns on the bus I embraced the verbal violence against women who have dedicated their lives to service in the Church.  Their dedication is often  overlooked, under appreciated and quite frankly, expected because they are nuns. 

My primary purpose in starting this blog was for satire, parody, humor.  It has evolved somewhat. Some topics addressed are more serious and sensitive. Perhaps my mindset, my attitude, when scribbling these pages out has not changed.  While I sometimes address serious topics, I do so expecting to write something "funny."

I ask forgiveness of those who were offended by the words I chose to embrace.  I also want to thank those who challenged me on use of those words which contribute to the overall attitude of the situation. We do not all have to agree on everything.  In fact, sometimes disagreement challenges us to review and modify or even strengthen our own positions.

Words have power. How we use them is indicative of how we wield power.  I'm not a writer. I am a scribbler scratching out my meager thoughts on a public notepad.  If what you read here makes you laugh; wonderful.  If it makes you think; accidental.  If it ignites some form of spiritual stirring; well that would be miraculous.  

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