Friday, March 22, 2013


It's true.  Father Zzzz missed the boat. The much hyped Michael Voris, Father Z.  Lenten Caribbean Cruise Retreat sailed without Father Zuhlsdorf.   Zzzz man instead hightailed it to Rome to "cover" the conclave. 

I don't know just who he was covering it for unless one considers his blog a major news outlet, which I do not.  He did manage to wrangle his way onto a couple television programs while he was there.

Father Paul Nicholson of Canada was chaplain for the Retreat Cruise.  A bit more about Father Nicholson here

I'm sure the Caribbean Cruise Retreat was edifying for all who attended.  Perhaps next year my confessor will assign me the penance of making a Lenten Cruise Retreat. OH THE HORROR!!

I'm happy to say the next annual Lenten Cruise has a target date of January. 

It should be noted as well, in spite of my snark, I think that a cruise retreat (outside of a penitential season) is a good idea. It was obviously a good witness to the Catholic faith traditions through the procession which attracted other participants in the conferences and the Masses.  The New Evangelization  in action. 

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  1. The New Evangelism in action? Well. This was pure comedy genius, thanks. Coming from Ireland, a nation where there is at present no shortage of survivors of clerical sex abuse, I am sure that the good people who saved their hard earned pennies to escape the harsh realities of life (which actually may include clerical abuse) were overjoyed to see the Holy Mary battalion stopping through their little luxurious getaway. It all defies belief.