Friday, March 29, 2013


Folks, I started working on this late Thursday before the midnight Office of Tenebrae.  I was going to wait to put it up until after Easter, but by doing so, I would be nothing but a hipocrite since I failed to keep a true Holy Week.  Nothing is more abominable to be than hypocrisy.  the post being done, I publish it, asking your prayers for this miserable Christian.
Perusing the blogosphere I stumbled upon this dandy over at NCR.  It's really a scream. Discussing the washing of the feet ceremony on Holy Thursday the following were posted. Post "2" is on response to "1".  Neither poster is known to me. I do rather like the reply in that it describes the annual Rite of Rant that occurs over at Zzzz's Blog.

1.  This one phrase from the blog post says it all: "Second, let it be remember [sic] that the Church’s legislation allows for the washing of the feet of only men. MEN = VIRI = MEN. Not manish [sic] women or any other critter. "
Mannish women are critters in this man's mind (presumably lesbians? or just women with androgynous features?). I'll grant that Jesus probably did not wash the feet of cats and dogs, so I'll grant that these creatures need not have feet washed during the Mass of the Lord's Supper. I would like to unpack, however, what other "critters" he might be talking about.
All women are critters judging by the above. Would eunuchs be critters? The mind absolutely boggles.
How he got through Ordination without the Holy Spirit striking him dead with a lightning bolt is a mystery to me. He is an embarrassment to all priests. I don't know if he has Faith, but he certainly has neither Hope nor Charity. Is he SSPX or something? If he's not SSPX, who is he? Does some poor bishop actually have to deal with him in his diocese? His parish must be a real fun place to be.

2.  Don't know how closely you watch the Catholic blogosphere, but this guy and his fans have conniptions over this women-and-foot-washing thing every year. It's one of their holiest traditions, just like the Oberammergau Passion Play. What you're seeing is a decade-old script they rework every year: [shriek] middle-aged women! [shriek] in pant-suits! [shriek] gray crew-cuts (no chapel veil)! [shriek] they're so overweight! [long drawn out scream] pink toe-nail polish! [fall to floor screaming] participatory foot-washing by the whole assembly! [froth at mouth] look, a glass chalice! ...
Don't worry, they'll get over it by Friday morning. They always do.
(Hmm, who is Zuhlsdoof? Rumor says he's not incardinated anywhere that really exists, some kind of bogus defunct historical see in the ex-Soviet Union or something, lives in his Mom's basement, been trying to finish some pseudo-academic dissertation for a few decades, spends most of his time writing noxious garbage on his webpage.)

As an interesting side note, I did try to correct the above incorrect information about my venerable brother JTZzzz, but NCR did not approve those comments.  I find that rather scurrilous.

Over at Zzzz's place they were rather heated AFTER the fact as well when the Holy Father washed the feet of two women and two Muslims. (Technially I think one of the women was also a Muslim, that what we journalists call a "two-fer".) Here are a few sample responses to the Pope's Maundy Thursday actions.  To be completely honest and fair, not ALL comments were so negative. Many people had a very balanced perspective. If you're truly interested, this link will take you there.  The following comments are verbatim as plucked from Zzz's blog.

david andrew says:

Simply put, I’m scandalized, confused and frightened.
Beyond that, I have no words.

donato2 says:

Thank you Father but I am having a spittle-flecked nutty anyway. Pope Francis has an enormous responsibility toward the liturgy and adherence to canon law. His love for the poor and for people on the margins is admirable and winsome, but it is not necessary in the least to bless a liturgical abuse in order to demonstrate love for an outcast. In choosing to engage in a liturgical abuse much loved by liberals, he has not put any pox whatsoever on the liberal camp. Rather, he has endorsed that camp’s views about the liturgy. He at the same time has undermined the Vatican’s authority, which is his responsibility to uphold. Why should anyone take what the Vatican says seriously if the Pope doesn’t?

nanetteclaret says:

I don’t think it matters any more what he’s trying to do. He now has no moral authority, since he flouted the norms – and the usual result of flouting norms is chaos.

poohbear says:
I too am scandalized, confused and frightened, but I have many words. I don’t know how I can stay in a church where the pope not only refuses to refer to himself as pope, but refuses to follow church law. If he breaks one law, what assurance do we have he will not break more. I am not convinced that he will not change any doctrines. So many Jesuits want women priests, abortion and SSM. I can’t feel good about him not being in that camp. This foot free for all has scandalized me unbelievably. This, I fear, is only the beginning of the end. The only constant I have ever had in my life has been the unchanging Church. Now that too is gone. It will be a sad. sad Easter.

Potato2 says:
That is a charitable way to look at what he is doing Fr Z.
I never thought it possible but less than a month into this papacy it is safe to say it is a failure. Go ahead, jump all over me and say it has only been 2 or 3 weeks blah blah blah. If indeed we look at this in the best possible light as Fr Z just did. It reeks of incompetence and ignorance. Or he could be doing something on purpose. Many were saying that the next Pope needed to be someone who could speak through the modern media. Well, message heard loud and clear Francis!
If he is not doing this on purpose, he is incredibly naive.
Once the modern leftists and the media get a toe in the door they open it with great force. We were already getting our brains bashed in by the secular liberal world. Now, by showing them “compassion” it will only be taken as a sign of weakness. The wolves will redouble their efforts.
It was hard enough to fight for Truth when we had an Orthodox Pope. Now, this will disintegrate very very quickly. Francis strikes me as a very powerful man. As a very forceful man. The media portrays him as meek and humble but his actions have been hostile and aggressive.
If you are going to do mental gymnastics and twists to fit this Pope into Traditional Catholicism and explain away every thing he is doing you will go Mad Fr Z!
This battle is LOST! This Pope has done more for the progressives in 2 weeks than The last 2 Popes have done in 30 years for traditionalists.
And we are arguing if he is doing it on purpose or not!?
It does not matter. The damage and scandal is just as damaging no matter what the intent.
A Pope elected by the curia, at a time when people were talking of cleaning the curia… and this Pope diminishes the Papacy. Uh oh!
God help him.
God help us.
God help the world.
God help our Church.
God help me see that I am wrong…..


  1. What a sad excuse for a blog...

    1. I am sorry that I have disappointed you. Please direct your pointer to the upper right hand corner where you will find a small "X". If you click on that, you will never have to see this blog again, unless you choose to.

      Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. How do these so easily scandalized make out the front door each day?

    1. Perhaps with copious quantities of pharmaceutical assistance?

  3. Just discovered your blog thanks to someone linking to it in the comments section at National Catholic Reporter. You rock! The world has needed a send-up of Fr. Z's blog for some time now. (I dare not try to post any dissenting comments on his blog, as he doesn't allow them...because, you know, that's what Jesus would have done: refused to engage! ;) I'll be coming back here. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Steve. Blessed and Happy Easter to you and yours!

      I, and many folks who visit and post here, believe the Church is a very big place that can accommodate a variety of practices. Personally, I am very fond of the Traditional Mass, rich heritage, stately ritual, theologically defining texts. It spiritually feeds me. I also know that Folk Masses are spiritually nourishing to many people as well. As long as we are teaching the essentials of the Faith, its expression should not matter as long as it is reverent. Welcome.

      I allow anonymous comments as well as dissenting opinions as long as everyone is civil.

  4. Francis I washes the feet of a couple women, and suddenly the trads are acting like he's Alexander VI!