Thursday, March 21, 2013

He's Going to Offer Mass WHERE??!!??!!

Here we go... (all comments in blue italics are actual quotes from Zzzombies)

They are off and running goaded on by their Fearful Leader.  Yes, fearFUL.  He's afraid.  VERY very afraid.  I would like to say that I don't know why.  Sadly, I do.

 As tempted as I am to try to parody this post, I just can't do it.  It is already done!  I'm fond of saying that most days this blog writes itself.  All I do is change a word or two and replace the pictures. That's a good thing, because I am not on a seven year sabbatical to work on my doctoral dissertation, leaving me free to blog eight hours a day. 

I don't mean to denigrate every comment posted over there. A selected few are well thought out and concisely expressed.  Others are nodding bobble heads that I have dubbed Zzzzzombies, much like Rush Limbaugh's "ditto heads" of the 90's, expressing their unquestioning agreement.  Most though are flying off their rockers "having a nutty."

" I’m not going to throw a nutty over this, but I hope the Holy Father is open to discussion about this practice he has had over the years with regards to the future. His intentions are very good and he wants to show God’s love and mercy in a prison with youth."

I'm a pretty well educated and have significant experience (twenty plus years) in ministry.  I would never consider criticizing my own bishop in this way, yet those who claim unquestioning loyalty to the Pope and his Magisterium have no qualms spouting off about what they think the Successor of Saint Peter should be doing. 

I fear that he runs the risk of making these change all about him, rather than some other message he wants to convey.

 Not only that but there has been speculation that Pope Francis may also very well wash the feet of female detainees as is his custom. The HORROR!

"It is scandalous for a man to wash a woman’s body parts when that woman is not his wife, his daughter, or (at worst) his mother." 

I don't know how I feel about the pope offering the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper in a youth detention center rather than one of Rome's many churches.  Paul VI of happy memory, offered Christmas Mass in a factory once.  That caused an uproar as well.  Popes John XXIII and Benedict XVI visited prisoners and no one three a nutty.  Perhaps it is because it is Holy Week-- the Triduum itself that is setting off ecclesiastical pacemakers everywhere.  I don't know.  What I do know is that it is above my pay grade and beyond the scope of my competence to correct the Holy Father on choices that he alone has the right to make.

What a blessing these detainees will experience! My great disappointment is that I can never be there to assist in some way.  Had I had the option that Zzzz man had to stay in Rome, I would have for sure. 

Keep calm. It's all going to be okay. Wait and watch.
And of course, pray!  Pray for Pope Francis!

UPDATE:  THIS might explain a few things. Also, note that Zzzz has been given full faculties in the Diocese of Madison.  Some would say this is first time in years that he has been in possession of full faculties!  Still others will ask how can a bishop that is not in full possession of his own faculties, offer faculties to another. 
Update thanks to the tip of a kind reader. 


  1. "This might explain a few things." I clicked the link. Once again, I am confused. Do you mean the IVE stuff may explain a few things? Or are you merely documenting the fact that Fr. Zzzzz now has full faculties? Thanks.

    1. First, he has always had full sacerdotal faculties from Veletri-Segni. He has always remained in good standing with his legitimate religious superior. I do not want to imply otherwise. As to whether or not he has always been in full possession of his mental faculties, I am not in a position to say. o{]=o)

    2. OK. I'm still wondering if the IVE stuff is relevant. Thanks.

    3. Sandy, I'm really not sure if the IVE is relevant in regard to Father Zzzz or not. My guess is no.

  2. "Still others will ask how can a bishop that is not in full possession of his own faculties..."

    Uh...please explain. I don't have 8 hours a day to Google things. Thanks!

    1. The implication being that only a bishop who is off his rocker would grant such a priest full sacerdotal faculties. Here at WDTPRDAD, we suspect that Fr Zzzz is in the process of making a transition from Veltri-Segni in Italy to Madison WI, USA.

      As I have mentioned before (I think) it is standard practice to grant a priest seeking admission (incardination) to a diocese full faculties and give him a series of assignments. This protects both the diocese and the priest in that it allows both a chance to get to know one another.