Friday, February 22, 2013


As the date of the abdication fast approaches the college of cardinals are contemplating the choice they face. I am certain that every single cardinal (with the exception of one or two) is asking his Most Eminent self, WWJTZD?  (What would John T Zuhlsdorf do?)

Well thankfully, Father Zzzzz has answered that question, knowing full well that the entire College view his blog on a daily basis, he has set out to advise them, just as ever priest of his caliber ilk most likely thinks he should do. 

I post his post here because many of my loyal readers have stated that they refuse to visit his blog and would prefer when referencing a particular post I reproduce the pertinent parts, so as to not lead them into temptation.

Wherein Fr. Z makes a suggestion to Cardinal Electors

Here is a point that is so obvious that I am surprised no one has made it yet. They have, its just that all the bloviating blogger priests don't bother to read each others blogs.
Some people are talking – as they did in 2005 – about the election of a cardinal from the “emerging” Church.  Several names have been mentioned as “papábili”.
Cardinal Electors who may be thinking along these lines might want also to consider that, once one of their brothers is elected, investigative journalists will start looking for clerical sexual abuse in dioceses in which he has ever breathed air. WOW.  I am sure that not one of them have considered this.
They will bring divining rods, Geiger counters, scalpels and microscopes.Just as many priests on sabbatical do when looking for a new diocese in which to incardinate.
The shoes have not yet dropped in lot of places.
Remember how the newsies found a thin story about something that happened in Munich when Pope Benedict was still Cardinal Archbishop there?  They beat him with that story for months.  They are still beating him with it.
I propose to Their Eminences that it could be better to elect someone whose record on clerical sexual abuse we know a lot about.  Did you catch that?  Just in case one of their Eminences misses his post, I call upon all WDTPRDAD readers to copy this post from the original source and email, fax and post it to any member of the Sacred College that they are able to.  Let's allow Fr. Zzzzz wisdom to rain down via every possible format to every member of the Sacred College.
Otherwise, in this media age, the next Pope’s pontificate could be hobbled from the starting gate. We don't want a hobbled pontificate that's for sure.
In some countries, such as these USA, Ireland, Canada, a little bit in some European countries, the press has been crawling all over diocesan bishops for years and a great deal has been exposed to the light of day. So, let's focus on an American like Cardinal Dolan or the polyglot Canuck Marc Oulette.
This has not yet occurred in the “emerging” Churches, such as in The Philippines or Brazil.
In fact, has it happened yet even in Italy?
It will. UM, it has.
If a cardinal from one of these places is elected, it will happen a lot faster wherever they have served.
Do any of us want to discover that the next Pope screwed up something about the abuse of kids in his diocese?
I just want you to consider what you are calling forth.  Know what you are getting into. If only the previous pope was so warned prior to ordaining a certain deacon from the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni to the rank of presbyter many of us would be better off.

Do your part to help the Sacred College choose a new Pope.  It really is part of the Tradition of the Church.  The populace and politicians ALWAYS let their Prince of the Church know which candidate that they backed the most, along with a compromise candidate or two.  SPEAK UP!  Let your voice be heard.  

Even MORE IMPORTANTLY, let Father Zzzz's voice be heard! 


  1. Fr. D:

    RE: "presumptuous arrogant presbyter"

    You have some good points on this blog, and you are funny. Please don't spoil it by stooping to name calling. It's enough just to point out fallacies and silliness. We can draw our own conclusions.

    Please be have a soul to save..."Judge not..."

  2. Thank you kind Reader.
    You make an excellent point.
    Mea maxima culpa.
    This affirms my choice to allow un-moderated and anonymous comments. IF I can dish out criticism, I should be able to take it as well.
    Blessed Lent!

  3. Fr. D.....Wow! I got kicked off of Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog for making a polite critique that was less personal than the one I posted above. He even blocked me from looking at his blog. (So what, it's easy to change an IP address). You have made my day. Thank you, and may you also have a blessed Lent!

    "Kind Reader"