Thursday, February 21, 2013


In honor of Ember Wednesday in Lent

As I explained in today’s LENTCAzT there is a connection between today’s Ember Day observance and Japanese food.
In honor of that connection … tempura!

The great Traditionalist on a day set aside for fasting and abstinence goes out for SUSHI and tempura!

Now, I'm not a blogger who is forced to BEG his readers to earn a living. I have an assignment from which I receive a modest stipend. For extra cash I occasionally sell some items on ebay or craigslist.  I go out to eat once a week, usually lunch, for around ten dollars.  MAYBE every other month, I get together with family or friends and go out for a nice dinner which might include a cocktail or two. I keep the Friday fast throughout the year. My choice.  I keep the Ember Day and Vigil fasts as well.  Again, my choice. 

Going out to eat on a fast day, even if one obeys the LETTER OF THE LAW by not eating meat,  really violates the SPIRIT of the law does it not?

I'm not one to judge.  The spiritual life is different for each us.  Fasting and abstinence is practiced most effectively for our souls with the guidance of a confessor or spiritual director.

To hold ones self up a a great traditionalist and then dine on a Bento Box on a strict fast day is beyond hypocritical.

Even if, according to monastic tradition, the fasting rules are relaxed when one is traveling, a sushi tempura feast is over the line. Perhaps a simple dish of rice and beans or tofu and vegetable stir-fry would be more in keeping with the SPIRIT of the law.

Nice example for the faithful Father.  Brick by brick, Tuna roll by tuna roll.


  1. Excellent point about the spirit of the law. Thanks, it helped me. (I don't eat out much, either. But sometimes I overdo the amounts even when I'm at home and editing the contents of a Lenten meal). However, maybe Fr. Zzzzzzz is not really a hypocrite; maybe he just doesn't know any better? Very little is taught about this topic any more. Maybe it's just ignorance, which we see a fair amount of on that blog.

  2. This website / blog is an eye opener. I visited and commented on Fr Zzzzzzz's blog because I share some of his views, and I'm on the traditionalist side, but I always found it strange that other Blogs, like Rorate, etc., never asked for donations and Fr. Z always does. But it wasn't until I found this site that I started to realise more that he always creates opportunities to ask for money or to create commercial products. I never clicked to buy his products, so I barely noticed them.

    Also, I never donated to him, because he seemed an well off guy, always traveling, eating in fancy restaurants, etc., and doing little work. Most priests I know lead a more modest life.
    Then, recently, I became more concerned about the fact that he never finishes his Doctorate, that he is incardinated in the suburbicarian diocese of Velletri-Segni, in Italy, but lives in the United States (initially, I tought that he spent some months in the US studying and went back to Italy, but then I realised that he spent his entire time -- when not on vacation --- at his U.S. home, that he calls Sabine Farm). I tought that he had more contact with his diocese of incardination and with his Bishop.

    Then I began to have more and more second toughts and negative feelings with regard to his status as an unpaid, unassigned Priest of an Italian Diocese, permanently living in America but not assigned / loaned to any Pastoral job in America (to my knowledge, he is not "on loan" to any American Diocese, like a "fidei donum", or anything), so that he is, in effect, a FREELANCE Priest-blogger, with minimal formal canonical relationship with his Bishop, but with no actual contact with his Diocese and no effective supervision, either from the hierarchy in America or in Italy. A very very strange ecclesiastical arrangement for a priest.

    I know that he is formally in good standing, has faculties, etc., but the strangeness of this ecclesiastical arrangement (especially for a priest who claims to be conservative/traditional), generates legitimate suspicion.

    As for the fact that, because he has no ecclesiastical work and no pay, he lives of begging, I find his extravagant style strange. People who decide to be hermits, to live from begging, tend to lead more modest lives. He instead, is always asking for expensive stuff, always travelling to Europe, to New York, etc. Nothing traditional about that lifestyle for a priest.

    A traditional, conservative priest should seek an assignment. There is a shortage of vocations. There are parishes, hospitals, schools, in Italy, in America, and elsewhere, in dyre need of priests. If I were Fr. Zzzzzzz's bishop, I would summon him to get back to work in an Italian parish or hospital ASAP. Would he obey?

  3. Maybe his alleged thesis is a study of the people who comment on his blog. Who knows.

    Carolus--can you say for certain Fr. Zzzzz has "no actual contact with his Diocese and no effective supervision, either from the hierarchy in America or in Italy." ?? That's a pretty strong statement unless you know for sure. Can you offer us some documentation? Thanks.

    Not a "Readerette"

  4. Carolus and Not a "Readerette"

    You both raise some very good points and questions. While Father D has not made any formal inquiry into the status of Father Zzzzz we have been able to piece SOME info together.

    His move from the "Sabine Farm" to a new location, along with his recent election or appointment (we're unsure) of the Traditional Latin Mass Society of Madison both paired with his EXTREME azz kizzing toward Bishop Robert Morlino, we have deduced that he is attempting to secure his future in the Diocese of Madison.

    Considering that Pope Benedict's titular see was once the diocese of Velletri-Segni for which Father Zzzzz was ordained, we can safely assume there has been some contact between the two, especially during his time working in the Pontifical Commission for Ecclesia Dei Adflicta (PCED). With a new Pope soon to be elected and enthroned clerics such as Zzzzz and those of his ilk are concerned they might have to actually work for a change. Hence his many urgent prayer requests and his trips to Rome to take care of business.

    Prediction. JTZ will incardinate into the Diocese of Madison.
    I believe that he is attempting to be received into the Diocese of Madison and may have very well begun the process. It is common that prior to full incardination there is an "engagement period" of sorts that allows the receiving diocese a chance to see if receiving said cleric will be a good match. These "on loan" situations are common especially between international dioceses.

    So, residing in the Diocese of Madison, he is accountable to the local Ordinary especially if he is offering Mass and hearing confessions (which it seems he is). Most likely he is not living in a rectory but renting an apartment based on his NEED to raise so much money each month through begging and his various other revenue venues.

  5. Fr. D: Thank you. Very interesting and educational.

    Would you please explain more about how clerics of "his ilk" don't really have to work? Why/how would someone be ordained for a titlular diocese and end up with no work? I am not being argumentative about this, I really just don't know how this kind of situation arises. Thanks.

    Not a "Readerette"
    (Someday maybe I'll explain more about my name. It really irks me when certain persons refer to females as readerettes).

  6. p.s. I should have said "...when a certain person refers to females as readerettes."

    Not a "Readerette"

  7. Dear "Not a",

    Sadly misogynists run unfettered through the blogosphere. While I encourage and practice Com-Box Freedom, I will not allow disrespect. Would be very interested in your moniker of "Not a Readerette" either here in open forum or via email

    Confidences are respected and defended. All email is deleted upon being read, and never forwarded, published or commented on publicly without the express written permission of the sender.

    I also want to add a note concerning the Diocese of Velletri-Segni is a real functioning diocese, through rather small by U.S. standards with twenty eight churches in nine towns. Having forty diocesan priests and twenty six religious order priests.

    So he was ordained for service in a real diocese, and most likely served as an associate in some parish of that See, at least for a couple years before being called into service at the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei which one time regulated the granting of Indults to priests who wished to offer the Traditional Latin Mass. My understanding is that he basically worked as a secretary answering correspondence at the English Language Desk of that commission.

    Forgive me if you know all this information already, I thought it best not to presume. But even if you do know this, possible one of my other 10 regular readers might not.

  8. Dear Fr. D,

    Thank you. I wasn't aware that Fr. Zzzzz had moved from the Sabine Farm (in Minnesota?) to the Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin).

    My understanding was that, at the Farm, he had no assignment at all (did not hear confessions, had no public, scheduled Masses), only one oratory/chapel of which he occasionaly posted photos.

    I remember that he once stated in his blog that he had no relationship with the Bishop of his place of residence because he had no pastoral assignment in the Diocese. The Bishop knew he lived there, and that was it.

    I believe that, were one to search his blog carefully, one would find that statement. It was made arround the time the NCR (a publication that I too despise) published an attack piece on Zzzz.

    Also, it would be interesting to know which Pontifical University / Atheneum is Fr. Zzzzz affiliated to. When the blog started seven years ago I believe Zzzz was already writing his thesys. Seven years is a huge amonut of time to complete that task, especially if one was relieved of other duties to facilitate the writing of the thesys. I would guess that he would soon run out of time and be expelled from the doctorate program, if that has not happened yet.

    The information regarding Zzzz's move to Madison is interesting indeed. But will Velletri-Segni agree to his excardination? Are they required to?

    By the way, Zzzz is not yet listed in the Madison Tridentine Mass Society's webpage; they have a list of celebrants, but Zzzz is missing there:

    What is the function to which you say that he was elected/appointed, exactly?


    1. Dear Carolus,

      The Diocese of Veletri-Segni lists his current address as Wassau WI. However, I believe that was the old address and was indeed "Sabine Farm" as it was a 25 acre parcel of land and was recently sold.

      This here are the links here I gathered my information on the Latin Mass Society.

      Holy Redeemer
      120 W. Johnson St., Madison
      Pastor: Msgr. Kevin Holmes;
      Tridentine Mass Society Chaplain: Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
      Masses in the Extraordinary Form:

      Sundays at 7:00 a.m.
      Holy Days of Obligation at 6:30 p.m.

  9. Try minding your own business.

    1. Hello Anonymous April 16 2013 7:33 PM!!

      Because this post is a couple months older, Blogger placed your comment in my moderation cue. If this were Zzzzz's blog, your comment would be deleted and would never see the light of day. However, I am FAIR & BALANCED so I approved your comment. Well- not really a comment is it. More of a directive or a suggestion is it not? Rather ambiguous.

      I have tried minding my own business in the past and have been rather good at it. As a result I am helping my dear brother John Todd Zzzzzzzzzzzz mind his business as well. I think I have been doing a fair and balanced job of it.

      Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!