Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reynaldo's Christmas

When Reynaldo told me he was going to spend Christmas at a gathering that involved singing, dancing and special clothes, naturally I thought he was participating in some ethnic religious Christmas customs back in his little Mexican village ... perhaps special choir robes sewn by his friends' devoted mamacitas, charming - though primitive - Folk Carols about the birth of the Baby Jesus, ethnic religious dances, which that simple population seems so fond of .....

When he wrote to say he and the other muchachos from the village had been up all night, I naturally presumed some sort of vigil followed by an endless Midnight Mass ...

Well, he's sent along this video, and I must say, although I prefer more traditional Christmas fare, a performance like this at the Fathers' Festive Feast sure would have jingled our bells and decked our halls.

And it's amazingly similar to something the gang at the NAC was practicing before that damn visitation came along.

I was glad to see that at least Reynaldo was wearing the little gold cross I gave him last year .... that bright little dangling thing caught my eye ! 


  1. Father D, there was an Irish Sister who came to our Seminary to give us a retreat that could easily have involved a routine like that. Instead, we just sang Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and made collages expressing the liberation of our inner child.

  2. Is Reynaldo working part time at a religious goods factory called PAXHOUSE: Helmut's Holy Hardware Emporium? They sell the lousiest shit on eBay

    Except for the fact that the dancers I've seen in their sweatshop were all Vietnamese, it seems like a pretty similar set up.

  3. Prior to my conversion, I aborted my inner-child.

  4. Father,

    I can imagine the state of the soul of this poor, misguided child must be one of your two most urgent prayer intentions that you are asking all of us devotees to keep in mind.

    God bless you, Father, for all you are trying to do for Reynaldo and his friends.

    God bless you!
    Camille P.

  5. Father,

    We are praying for your TWO special and urgent petitions.

    Can you reveal what they are? I suspect that someone wants to discipline you.

    God bless you, Father!

    Guido M.

  6. Is there any way that you could not pose as a priest? You really do make other priests look bad, making their job harder.

    1. Pose? Do you have proof I am posing?

      Where you to know the fullness of my situation, you would surely be shocked.

    2. Shock away. At least have the stones to not hide behind a caricature of another person.

    3. You call me out Anonymous, yet lack "the stones" to identify your own humble self.
      Hi Pot, I'm kettle. You're black.