Tuesday, December 18, 2012


OK, you know that, poor as the Holy Family at Bethlehem here at the Supine Farm, even with the good services of my own Little Drummer Boy Reynaldo, Father is most grateful for those devoted and submissive laity who visit my Amazon Wishlist to dump into my anointed hands those goodies I so richly deserve by reason of my ontological identity - which also frees me from the need of providing for myself ....

But someone's screwing around with my Amazon Wishlist ... and I learned this dogmatically defined truth a long time ago: you can screw up any service, screw around with anyone - don't you dare screw with the $$$!!!!

Add to that: or with Father's Wishlist:
OK, so who's the joker that resulted in THIS being delivered to the Supine Farm ...

At least you gave me an idea for Reynaldo's Stocking Stuffer ... if you get my drift.

And, I will figure out who you are. 

No one gets away with trying to hose me over.


  1. "No one gets away with trying to hose me over."

    You mean except Reynaldo right?

    1. "Listen, Reynaldo's come a long way since the days when I rescued him from that orphanage/massage parlor run by the Millionaires of Christ down in Jalisco. That first Feliz Navidad ... when I told him to help me get the balls onto my tree, OY!"