Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Father Zzzzzzzzz with his ticket to join the Nuns on the Bus tour. 
(Has he taken the part time chaplain position they had open?)

We understand that sincere congratulations are in order for the Big Zzzzzzzzzzz!

Our brother priest has been named as PRESIDENT of the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison.

How wonderful!  Perhaps he is on his way to an actual assignment in the Diocese of Madison?

We have also become aware that the good Father has had to vacate his beloved Farm and that his new location has many fewer birds hence the lack of the Feeder Feed.

We DO take great joy in keeping on the cutting edge of all things Father Zzzzzzzzzz.  Have some news to share?  Maybe a personal anecdote having actually met the man, the myth, the legend?  Perhaps a recent photo from a blognic or some other fun event?

Email me.  (fatherjtd (at) gmail (dot) com.  I keep all sources confidential. But I do like to be able to verify whenever I am able. So include as much info as possible.  I'll be sure to edit any information that might reveal your identity.  

Any blog readers in Italy hear anything lately?  Do tell!

Any news from the NAC?  Drop me a line.  

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