Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am having lunch in NYC… with my mother, who happens to be here.
Mamma had the Ukrainian Borscht followed by the Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad.
I had the Borscht and the Ukrainian Keilbasa with pierogi.  (I just love sausage!)

We took in some of the sights

and we ended the afternoon with Ma's favorite, Martinis followed by cheap port and cigars.

 Ma had a really good time

My aunts joined us once they heard we were visiting their favorite cigar bar.


  1. Thanks for the laughs, Father, but I must call you out on that last picture.

    Those are NOT your Aunties . . .

    From their habits, I can tell that these are two of our senior Sisters from the Motherhouse Infirmary.

    On the left is our Sister M. Kizito from our mission in Kenya, where she taught President Obama when he was just a little tyke (rhymes with . . .).

    On the right is our former Mother General, Reverend Mother Hosanna-Dolorosa, sadly a classic manic-depressive, who went from being in charge of plaiting disciplines for the Community to crafting those giant scary puppets that are used now in all the hippie grey-hair Call to Action liturgies and at Womyn Ordination Conferences. We had to retire her after they caught her trying to "smoke" a nuclear submarine during a protest at the School of the Americas. Diagnosed with a very severe oral fixation, if you get my drift . . . .

    Sadly, though, these are the last two to wear our habit, with the distinctive headdress handed down to us from our Foundress, Blessed Mere Claudette de Très Gros Seins who, before her conversion, was a dancer in the Paris Follies Bergere.

  2. Blessed Claudette de Tres Gros Seines was ably assisted in the spread of the Congregation throughout Eastern Europe by her Lthuanian counterpart, Sister Ginormaus Bazungas.

  3. Interestingly enough my good friends from the Village, Fathers Neil and Bob with whom I am staying in their private condo during my trip to the Big Apple, were retelling their tales from their times in the missions. The keep in touch with Sr M. Fellatio the new head nun. It seems that Monsignor Richard "Pops" Jahymen ran off with Sister Ginormaus just after Vatican II. They now live in Malawi and have eight children, six boys, two girls. The oldest two boys are now priests in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe and "Pops" is active in the "Married Priests Now" Prelature of Emmanuel Mad Man Milingo. Talk about "awkward" family reunions!