Thursday, December 6, 2012

He Found Jesus

Two longtime friends of the Supine Farm and frequent visitor's to Father's Amazon Wish List (have you visited yet) were very happy to hear that their college son, whom they thought had no interest in Jesus, had in fact FOUND JESUS - and even given his life to Jesus! File under: Be careful what you pray for!

As much as I have wanted Reynaldo to attend Mass more often, I hope he never finds Jesus.

In other newzzzzzz..

QUAERITUR: Do I fulfill my 8 December Holy Day Mass obligation on Saturday and my Sunday obligation by going to Mass on Saturday evening?

I am getting a lot of questions about fulfilling the Mass obligation on the upcoming Saturday afternoon, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.
For example,
Would it fulfill my obligation for the Solemnity to attend vigil Mass on Saturday afternoon/evening even though the vigil is considered to replace Sunday Mass? In other words, could I attend vigil Mass Saturday evening to fulfill my obligation for the Solemnity and then attend Sunday morning Mass to fulfill my obligation for Sunday?
The Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church says:
can. 1248 1. The precept of participating in the Mass is satisfied by assistance at a Mass which is celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the holy day or on the evening of the preceding day.
As I read this, yes, you fulfill the obligation for both by attending the one Mass on Saturday evening.  The law does not specify that you have to attend Mass according to a certain formula to fulfill the obligation.  It says you have to attend Mass.  Period.  Given that we must interpret law in such a way that we favor people and give them more flexibility rather than less, I would say, yes, you fulfill the obligation.  First, you are attending Mass on the Holy Day, which is Saturday.  Second, since it is in the evening, the law says you fulfill your obligation for the Sunday. I disagree.  But the liberal hippy dippy happy clappy folks at the USCCB have not responded to my several dozen email attempts to change their minds.  As I am sure you know, the world would be a  much better place if I were a bishop.

I disagree with the USCCB, but being the HUMBLE priest that I am, I will defer.

The Bottom line is this folks.  Father really does not care if you attend one Mass or two, as long as your envelopes  for BOTH Masses arrive in the acceptable time frame. *
*(That's known as the Cranston Canon)


  1. But Father, but Father: wouldn't direct deposit be even better? We wouldn't have to go to Mass, and you wouldn't have to spend money on all those expensive gluten-free Hosts that so many modern Novus Ordo wimp Catholics need nowadays.

  2. Father is fond of direct deposit for regular donors. Those who sign up for such service of $100.00 (US) or more will receive a a monthly recorded five minute phone call from me. For a one time contribution of $75.00 I will record the outgoing message on your answering machine in English & Latin or one or the other. Regular monthly contributions of $200.00 or more are eligible for one personal and direct email exchange per month. Up the to $350.00 or more each month, and you can speak with me via phone or skype for 10 minutes each month. (Day and time at MY convenience) Ten minute time limit STRICTLY enforced. Additional minutes will be charged at $19.99 per minute.

    For $500.00 per month you can receive ALL of the above offers AND a recorded sermon (via secured internet connection) each week in addition to a LIVE feed to my private Christmas Mass from an undisclosed secure location.

    Operators are standing by. 1.900.WDTPRDAD (99 cents for the first fifteen minutes, $2.99 for each additional minute. We also accept paypal and Western Union.

  3. And a note about the "gluten free" hosts.
    IF you really believe in the True Presence of our Lord and Saviour in the Blessed Sacrament, you don't NEED those special hosts.
    Either Jesus is REAL for you or not.
    O yeah of little faith.