Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Father really does not have time to post a recipe or do any real blogging, but as you know, Father ALWAYS has time to snap a few pics of his plenteous plates while feeding his face on a feast.

Gathering with some very fine fellows, here is a photo montage of our very fine festal feast.

Of course we started off with soup.  Two choices.  Guess which one is mine?

And one can't have soup without bread or rolls now can they?

For some reason these weren't all that popular with the boys.

Who doesn't like to have their salad tossed?  What joy!  Of course this year without my dear Reynaldo around to toss the salad for everyone like he did last year, it just wasn't the same.

A couple of the guys are not opposed to a piece of fresh young snapper on occasion.

While there was plenty of snapper left over, with half dozen of there, we were certain to suck up all the available meat with and the abundant amount of sauce.

 A good meal requires a good wine.  After sopping up all that sauce everyone of us sat back and enjoyed our dry sack to the fullest.

 A nice complement to the wine is indeed a cheese course.

The old phrase is “Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing.” Any Holiday meal I am involved in is going to include my big spotted dick,  Supine Farm style.

 Of course the less refined are not used to fresh dick.  For years Reynaldo wouldn't touch my spotted dick no matter how fresh it was, preferring the spongy old kind he was used to in Mexico.

How I miss him.

 We do it all up right.  Soup to nuts.

With plenty of sweets to suite everyone's taste and preference


  1. Isn't it amazing, Father, how when you have the right combination of dinner guests, everything just seems to come together?

  2. Only a true artist can orchestrate eveyone comming together. People pay goodmoney for that.