Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can We Talk? Can We?

Can we blog?
You might think Fathers only guilty pleasures are wine, scotch, cigars, imported food stuffs, expensive restaurants and world travel on the other people's dime.
I have a secret.
I love Joan Rivers.
Don't Start. Father already knows.

But Father, but Father!  She's a WOMAN!
Father knows. 

But Father, but Father!  She's a Jew!
Father knows.

But Father, but Father! She has a foul mouth.
Father knows.
Father knows just about everything. Just ask me and I will tell you.
Why else would you send me thousands of dollars each month in cash and gifts?  Because I know.  I know what you want to hear, and I tell you.    

Read the interview here. Joan Rivers: Why Johnny Carson 'Never Ever Spoke to Me Again'

Joan get's me. She "get's" this blog.  Joan, call Father! We'll do lunch!

" comedy, if you can tell a joke, they will gather around your deathbed. If you’re funny, you’re funny. Isn’t that wonderful?
If there is a secret to being a comedian, it’s just loving what you do. It is my drug of choice. I don’t need real drugs. I don’t need liquor. It’s the joy that I get performing. That is my rush. I get it nowhere else."

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