Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A hard working priest needs his rest

wherein Father D. rants.

The Reverend Father John Todd Zuhlsdork works exceptionally hard for a presbyter that has no real canonical assignment. His discipline in his daily prayer and devotions, including offering Mass for tho$e who donate or send variou$ gift$ from Amazon.  His deep baritone podca$ts to encourage the flow of tithe$ and offering$.

Several have taken me to task for a lack a charity.  While, my charity does not extend to giving the self appointed mendicant gifts of cash and prizes from the wishlist, it is sincere.  Quite frankly, in addition to the expansion of his belt size his head has been expanding at almost double the rate of his pant size.  As one of my loyal readers commented in encouraging me to resurrect this blog, "he needs to be reminded who he is."  I can't agree more. 

He is an unassigned priest, residing outside of his own diocese living (rather comfortably it seems) off the constant begging he engages in via his blog.  Not only does he make provide for his basic needs, he travels the world and the country on the dime of others. 

Rome, England, New York City are just a few of the places he has been recently.  Ask your pastor or parochial vicar where he went on his last vacation.  Most likely he will tell you he drove in his own car, paying for his own gas, (and crappy fast food meals along the way) to visit with either a family member or a brother priest.  Ask him if he has plans to go to Rome (twice) and London in the next twelve months and he will probably laugh. (Unless he comes from a wealthy family.)

 I remember an old priest from my home parish as a child arrived as pastor driving a kelly green  Olds Cutlass, which he continued to drive for at least twelve years.  Only when members of the parish essentially forced Father to accept the gift of a new car, he would only concede to it providing that it be a used vehicle.  So much money was raised that they could have bought him two brand new cars.  When they presented him with a check for the remaining money, he signed it over to the parish.

Of course the one thing we can rely on Father Z to do is to follow the liturgical texts to the letter.  When he is not drinking the red and doing the black, (or brown in the case of Reynaldo) he is doing the red and saying the black.

Pay attention you seminarians from the NAC with an interest in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  You're going learn something you won't find in Fortescue and O'Connell. If you are completing the canonical hours of the the Usus Antiquior at their assigned times (or as near as possible as you are able) you are entitled according to the rubrics (as revised by Good Pope Blessed John XXIII) allowed a period of canonical rest, immediately after Prime (or Terce) just prior to Mass, providing you follow the proper liturgical form for doing so. 

In his kindness the immeasurably omniscient Father Zzzzzzzzzz has agreed to demonstrate the proper form for this liturgical siesta of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. (Later abolished by Paul VI & John Paul II who were both work-a-holics)

Father Zzzzz demonstrates the proper form for the liturgical siesta according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

 Buy Father a bag of Mystic Monk Coffee will you? 

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