Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why After Seven Years I Still Have Not Completed My Dissertation

Blog maintenance update

The blog now lives on a new server. And my new server now lives with me.

There have been glitches, of course.  One by one they are being resolved.

The latest glitch is with the mobile theme.  The “pro” version stopped working. Do you really care?  It was timing out.  I could barely get to the settings page within the admin area. Another wasted six hours I could have been working on my dissertation.  However, I activated the free version of the plugin, and it works.  I am not sure whether it supports all mobile devices, however.  Not much I can do about that at this point. Do you really care?  Are you actually reading this drivel? Are you so pathetic that you even read an entire post about absolute shit?  I guess so.  I'm glad. You feed my ego.  You feed it even more when you comment on inane entries like this one. Anyway.  It is possible on my iPhone to switch off the mobile theme.  Just go to the bottom of the page.  It loaded very quickly for me.  I’d like to fix the fancier theme, of course.

I had email problems and had to change my settings.  That ought to be resolved. You can email me confidentially at  You can also like me on Facebook!

THE COM BOX IS OPEN! The comment feature is open and un-moderated. You may, and if you're a seminarian or a young newly ordained priest, you SHOULD post anonymously. Don't screw up your ecclesiastical career like I did mine.  Loose lips sink monsignorships.

I am still get many fake registrations from vile spammers. So, I have done away with registration all together. Are you really still reading this?  You are more pathetic than I am.  Sorry, I am under siege. Reynaldo is very demanding.

In any event, I have had reports that the blog is finnier now.  I hope that is also your experience.

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