Thursday, November 29, 2012

Priestly Begging: What Do People Think?

A well known internet priest constantly begging for money for a new computer or airline tickets, everyday living expenses, as well as a variety of items on his Amazon Wishlist.  I have been disturbed by this and I wondered if anyone else shared my thoughts.  So, I looked around.

Seems I'm not the only that occasionally says what the flock when in comes to Father Zzzzzzzzzz and his constant money grubbing.


  1. This isn't "priestly begging." That would imply some selflessness or honor to it, such as begging on behalf of some worthy cause or for a truly needy person.

    No, this is a priest who is shamelessly abusing the dignity of his position to get things (some of them quite extravagant) for himself. That is NOT "priestly begging."

  2. I have visited the site for years, but have never donated. I too find it strange that he asks so much for money and that he is an unassigned priest.

    Isn't there a shortage of vocations to the priesthood? Why isn't Z needed in his diocese of incardination?