Monday, November 19, 2012

ALERT: Blog Maintenance Coming

Very soon we will make some necessary changes to the server, etc., where the blog is hosted.  (Damned FCC)

I wasn’t able to pull the trigger this weekend, but it will probably happen tonight.  Harold the UPS man delivered my Viagra from Canada today.

Also, I am suspending registration. Permanently.  I Really don't care who you are nor where you are from.  I allow anonymous comments. In fact, I encourage them. You are free to write whatever you want as long as your donations keep trickling in and the UPS truck keeps on trucking in with those smiling Amazon boxes.

Gloria bought me a delightful mocha swirl and a red velvet cake.

PS: I am also beginning to play with the D-Cam again.  Remember the D-Cam?  Hopefully by hosting the blog in Romania, we won't be subject to such puritanical censorship.

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