Saturday, February 18, 2017

Church Militant Fights On

Against the secret gay army still entrenched in the Roman Curia.

While Merkin Voris exposes and fights the homosexuals, even more ammosexuals infiltrate the clergy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It seems so.

The pastor of a largely immigrant Catholic church in Queens has a suggestion for his anti-Trump parishioners: Go take a flying leap off the nearest building.

Can't make this shit up.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


It is my pleasure to release at long last the super ultra exclusive new hit from the always backward-looking performance artist Doushio!

I had note from Doushio, who has been pensive of late:

I’ve been pensive of late. Just ponder about the great contributions that His Holiness Emeritus Papa Ratzi  has been making to the Church for SO many… so very many many many many many many many many many years.  It’s seems like such a long time that he’s been making contributions and we just can’t have enough of them.  He’s been, God bless him, lowering the standards of ecumenism, social progress, pastoral compassion and any reasonable modern expression of our faith for so very many many many many many many many many many many years.   I had to find a way to honor him.  What’s better than… a song? A schismatic nostalgic priestly society?     Or maybe a gasping wheezing Ordinariate?  Yeah. I should probably go with the song. Less chance of total failure. 

Thus spake Doushio.   He quickly teamed up with his old colleague from back in the day, The Effeminate Rev Mum MJC to produce what will surely be yet another platinum shit.

You recall some of Doushio’s previous hits, which you without question whistle on the way to those nightly adoration hours or during your summers in that funny little town on the  Massachusetts Cape so devoted to the Holy Patriarch Noah.  Who can forget Chantilly Lace and a Little Brocade,  Man I Feel Like a Woman (and I like it) and of course the NAC spirit song Don't Want No Short Dick Man.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


Happy New Year to each and every Reader and Readerette!

You are appreciated and for those who comment regularly I am even more grateful for your humorous and sometimes intellectual contributions.

What a year!
Father is looking forward to 2017 with eager anticipation.  I am certain the Krazies, both Konvert and Kradle, will give us plenty of material to mock and parody.

You will all be crumb on the diskos on the First of January.
Pray for  Father D (and Reynaldo who has been a bit under the weather as of late.)

May each of you find true Joy and Peace in the coming year.

Just before midnight we learned of the passing of Father D's old confessor Father Francis Xavier Mulcahy.

Fond memories.
R I P William Christopher.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Father D is visible in this photo from the Surfing Santas Day at Cocoa Beach. Can you spot him?

Friday, December 16, 2016


Is that a potato in your pocket or are you to see Us?

Annual Prelatial Potato Gun Shoot at the FSSP seminary. Holy boys playing with manly toys.

And don't forget Father's Useless Hats For Primping Chaps Drive.  These boys need the proper costumes for their Live Action Liturgical 1940's Reenactment gatherings.

What better way to thumb our noses at the Holy Father than to help young budding soon to be preening priests look their best.

(Remember boys to hide your toys until after the Chrism dries on your hands lest you be deselected and forced to search out a Roman Subterranean Diocese to ordain you. It's not the easy path. )