Saturday, October 3, 2015


. . . . in vain do the builders labor

Prayer Vigil

World Synod of Bishops

Vocation and Mission of the Family
in the Church
and in the Contemporary World

Do you remember what happened to Elijah?
From a human point of view,
the prophet was afraid and tried to run away.

Elijah was afraid; he got up and fled for his life . . . 
He walked for forty days and forty nights to Horeb,
the mountain of God.
At that place he came to a cave and spent the night there.
Then the word of the Lord came to him, saying:
"What are you doing here, Elijah?"

On Horeb, he would get his answer
not in the great wind which shatters the rocks,
nor in the earthquake nor even in the fire.
God's grace does not shout out;
it is a whisper which reaches all those
who are ready to hear its still, small voice.
It urges them to go forth,
to return to the world,
to be witnesses to God's love for mankind,
so that the world may believe . . . 

This evening our prayer cannot be otherwise.
For, as Patriarch Athenagoras reminded us,
without the Holy Spirit
God is far off,
Christ remains in the past,
the Church becomes a mere organization,
authority becomes domination,
mission becomes propaganda,
worship becomes mystique,
Christian life the morality of slaves.

For unless we can unite
compassion with justice,
we will end up being
needlessly severe and deeply unjust.

Pope Francis

Friday, October 2, 2015

MY VIEW FOR A WHILE: Bitching and Moaning Edition

I’m on my way into the storm. As I always am every time I leave the Pastoral Center and the protective shadow of the Extraordinary Ordinary (TM).

Of course no sooner do I get to the gate but we hear an announcement that there is a traffic flow slowdown due to rain.  Why they can’t push these notifications out a little earlier is beyond me. Don't they know I'm a very important person, World Traveler (TM) and Super-Blogger Priest?  So our departure is delayed by at least 30 minutes.  I expect it’ll be more than that in the end and I will certainly let you know about it. It is, after all, ALL ABOUT ME. 
From the time I parked in the ramp to the time I sat down at the gate and posted this – less than 15 minutes.

Stuck a while longer.

At least a) these are battle hardened veteran travelers like Father. No drama. (Except from me) No one trimming toenails.  Nobody fretting. (Except for me) 

and b) I have good reading material on my Kindle. (Thanks to you schmucks who read and grant gifts!)

 Reports tricking in of today’s presser.  Also, I’m watching giddy tweets from the usual suspects about the statement on the meeting Pope Francis with someone. I already slavishly commented on that in a lengthy post here.  “It wasn’t a real audience!”  I guess that means … I don’t know what that means.  They still met. But I digress.  This post is about ME and MY problems!

The stewards had a few issues with the meeting and expressed themselves rather accurately in song. Rather moving, and almost changed my mind. (Just kidding. Father NEVER changes his mind!) I think one of them was at The NAC a couple years ago. We'll have to ask Reynaldo. 

UPDATE: Reynaldo says they were part of two different New Oratories from Sal Francisco and Rochester. They were part of the Surging Seminarian Summer Suck Fest Tour three years ago.

They were younger and thinner then (weren't we all!) and Sebastian hadn't grown in his CaggiStache and Lance hadn't developed his beard. They grew those in after two weeks of Surging in Bridgeport for some reason. 

I didn’t read anywhere that the Pope met at all with The Bishop Fellay Show.  But had he, the usual suspects would have been cawing that the Pope was giving support to “trads” no matter what.


I don't know about you, but gays aren't so gay anymore, nobody's happy anymore, and who can blame them?

In fact, one of our best journalists ever, whose wonderful reporting even a nitwit like me never misses, worries here that: "The huge wave of affection and delirium that Pope Francis generated with his triumphant visit to the United States last week could suddenly vanish in a cloud of smoke."

So, guess WHO the POPE met with? And therefore (obviously!) approved of?

PIUS XII met even before he was Pope with GUESS WHO? They said Pius was (obviously!) "his" Pope, if you get my drift . . .

JOHN XXIII met even before he was Pope with really shady folks! Approved smoking (obviously!) and then, as Pope, (obviously!) approved collecting antique Greek organs (get it?). Don't forget Khrushchev's daughter and son-in-law. That's how Cardinal Lakota got released from Siberia and was Pope Kiril I during my childhood!
Unlike Pope Francis who some of our rightwing whack jobs were pissed at for riding in a Fiat, John XXIII always used a Camaro (and obviously had more dead ermines on his back than Truman Cardinal Capote):

Paul VI met with some REAL creepy leaders, therefore (obviously!) showing his approval of the Viet Nam War, where so many innocent people died and Watergate, where nobody died.

John Paul II: so many years, so many creeps, so (obviously!) approved of so many awful things!
Yessir I'mmarealfat: another papally approved (obviously!) Jew-killer who also killed US Ambassador Cleo Noel
(Obviously!) approved Monica Lewinsky's work in the Oval Orifice and Planned Parenthood's second most (after Obama) protector and money benefiter
(Obviously) approved the super-stupid lie-motivated invasion of our second dumbest President (Obama wins for talking here about visiting ALL 57 States!)

But John Paul met with (and therefore obviously approved!) all kinds of horrible awful stuff!

Here's a little background on one of his worst visitors ever!

Archbishop Hilarion Capucci (obviously approved) and friends: NICE BIG SMOOTCH!
Capucci! Sounds like an Italian Apostolic Nuncio, right? Wrong. This bearded bozo is a Melkite Rite Catholic Archbishop, who was arrested by the Israelis in August of 1974 for smuggling arms on behalf of the Palestinians in his diplomatically-immuned Mercedes. Pope Paul VI managed to get him a break by promising he'd be sent to live the rest of his life in a monastery far away . . . Yeah, right.
Hey, that's no monastery! And that's no Prince of Peace Capucci's getting an award from!
Capucci with Chaldean-Rite Catholic Tariq Aziz. Remember him? Saddam Hussein's Deputy Prime Minister? They went to visit John Paul II just before Bush's Shock & Awe Invasion, then stopped at Assisi to pray (yeah, right) to Saint Francis of Assisi, who would have loved the idea of smuggling weapons in your car to the Jew-killing PLA

Of course all this was assisted by the delightful Father Jean-Marie Benjamin, a former UN worker who caught Cardinal Casaroli's eye came to Cardinal Casaroli's attention and was ordained a priest and became Casaroli's assistant. He recorded an anti-George W. Bush, anti-USA CD, interviewed the lovable Tariq, and then later cashed in on free oil from Saddam Hussein. Imagine if someone from the Vatican pulled anything like that nowadays on Barack Obama? Yeah, right!

Who wouldn't love to share peace ideas with Bashar al-Assad? Remember his ideas on caring for kids? 

BENEDICT XVI: After all hateful murderous bullshit, Pope Benedict XVI (obviously!) approved of the very same Archbishop Capucci that Pope Paul was sending off to a monastery but Pope John Paul II met with. That HermanMunster of Continuity is so confusing!

Of course, that same Pope met a couple of times with (and therefore obviously approved of!) pro-abortion Grandma Nancy Pelosi. Plenary indulgence for French-kissing Benny's big gold Fisherman's ring!

Papa Ratzi even met with (and therefore obviously approved!) The Bishop Fellay Show!

But if you think Venerable Pius XII, Saint John XXIII, Blessed Paul VI and Saint John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI were bad, like I said at the beginning, things have gotten WAY WORSE with poor old Pope Francis!

FRANCIS: Guess WHO this POPE has met with (and therefore obviously approves of what they're known for)?

Revolutionary Church-persecutor Fidel Castro!

Planned Parenthood Champion, Barack Obama!

Obama doesn't want his daughters "punished with a baby!" Seems weird that Pope Francis would approve of that, but if he meets with someone, he must approve of them (obviously)!

Pro-abortion and Pro-Gay Marriage Catholic - and our future President! - Joe Biden! Approved! (Obviously!)

Straight-married, straight-divorced, gay-married, gay-divorced, still gay Episcopal Bishop Jean Gene Robinson (since he's single now is he eligible to become an alternative to The Ordinary Newton in the Fraudinariate of Papa Ratzi?). Gammarelli's stuff is getting nutty.

Transgendered Spaniard Diego Neria Lejarraga and his fiancĂ©! Approved! (Obviously, if he met with him her him).

And that's not all! Look at these people Pope Francis has met with! I guess that means he approves all kinds of weird things!
He even meets with people you can't trust from one day to the next! Approves of reporters? (Obviously!)



Some Jew giving his people's money to the occupying military forces from Italy (and probably stealing some for himself)!

Same Kind of Creep (a tiny creep!)

world's oldest profession (letting her touch him - ewwwwww!)


So if Jesus meets with (and therefore obviously approves) all the nuts he met with, who knows who his nutty Vicar will meet with next?

Or could there be some other explanation? Hey, what do I know. Friday. Time to get the boat ready for another weekend of stipend scooping mission station visiting. Since Hurricane Joachim and Anna is blowing by us and planning to smack Krispie Kreame Christie in his fat face up North! Obviously I approve of that!

First a cup of coffee while I watch this moving video about life in today's Church. Cup is a gift from my spiritual director to remind me about what I should think when I do spiritual direction:

Here's the white version of the same idea. Well, actually the black and white version.
Marky Mark performed for Pope Francis last week, so I guess that means the Pope would approve (obviously) of this. (How come they still haven't embroidered Pope Francis' coat of arms on that super sash he gets to wear? Maybe because Cardinal Danneels Mafia-coup Conclave didn't approve of all the details.) I read that on Bitter Bag o' Onions Sedevacantist Blog. They're pissed off because since all of them, the Krazy Konverts, are pushing a new book from Obnoxious Press,

That crazy blog is where Bitter Bag o' Onions slim-shady Bishop Cagey-uh-know-nuttin'-while-I'm-Hopin'-Pope-Burke-Sends-Me-to-NYC
must have approved their latest We-Hate-Pope-Francis cartoon with the caption, "Ah, That's More Like Him!":
Poor Bitter Bag's daughter, Benedicta Bitter Bag, disagrees strongly with her Daddy the "married priest" because she thinks priests should be married and her daddy the married priest doesn't. WTFH? It's such a GOOD vibration!