Saturday, April 12, 2014


As we enter Holy Week, I thought one uplifting (?) post might bring some lightness....  I am usually more of a say the black do the red kinda guy.  Leaving ALL of the liturgical arguments out of it (really.. leave them out, or I'll just turn the comment function off, and turn this blog right around and head for home. ) this Padre has a powerful set of pipes.
Something you WON'T see over at the New Liturgical Movement.


This was brought to my attention by a priest from Italy. Don't want to leave the good Sisters out of the act!  I love the looks on the coaches faces as they turn around!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I have often imagined the Church as a large tree with one branch at one extreme and another branch at the other extreme. The branches do not know one another but are receiving sap from the same trunk and they share the same life."  Archbishop Oscar Romero Sermon 30 September 1979
Hat tip to Polycarpio

This came about as a result of my reply to one of the comments on the previous post, which a good friend has encouraged me to "turn into a primary post."

I have often said that I believe that the Church is big enough for a diversity of spiritual and liturgical expressions-- Eastern, Latin (Old and New) hymns ancient and modern, music of Gregorian chant or folk, or Renaissance Baroque.

The Church IS the priest who stumbles out of bed at 3:00 am and put on his black shirt, so worn it looks charcoal grey, and goes to sit with a dying man and his family. She IS the priest who lives the life of a hermit, struggling day by day to please God through his works and prayers. The Church IS the angry professional blogging priest, desperately trying to instill his personal world view on the world. The Church IS the single mother, working two jobs to provide for her children. She IS the couple in a second marriage-- who think they can attend Mass, yet send their children to CCD. She IS the victim of clerical sexual abuse that can no longer bring himself to even believe in God from his pain.  She is the priest who sits in a jail cell wrongly convicted of crimes he did not commit.  The church is the elderly man who attends daily Mass, afterwhich he prays his rosary with deep, abiding and unquestioning faith.  She is the college student who attends Sunday Mass even though she questions the church's teachings or no longer finds them 'relevant'. 

The Church, She is each one of us.

The Church, SHE IS, ALL OF US. Broken in our humanity-- with our weaknesses and our strengths. We are the Church, the Body of Christ in all its members and parts. We are, because HE IS, always has been and always will be. We are because of His Grace working through us, in spite of us.

Though, because SHE IS THE CHURCH, She is the means through which the Holy Mysteries of Gods Grace flow to the broken, crying, searching human race.  She holds the Keys to the Kingdom through the Magisterium.  She IS Mercy. She is our mother.   

To those who came here looking for parody, snark, humor (or humour), I offer a half hearted apology. Occasionally I, or one of my contributors, commentators or readers, become passionate about a particular topic and I run with it. Read it. Like it.  Hate it. Free country.  And, unlike other places, a free speech zone. Join the conversation, or ignore it.   Oh, I almost forgot.... yeah, the parody and sarcasm WILL be back.  Keep an eye out for it. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Chancery Offices of the Diocese of Madison Wisconsin
at the Bishop O'Connor Pastoral Center

One of the most commonly asked questions I am asked about blogging priests is, "Father D, doesn't anyone hold these guys accountable?"

The answer is YES and NO.  While there is no one particularly assigned to oversee the blogs of priests (and deacons) when the occasion warrants, the said cleric's Ordinary can step in. (The Ordinary is the bishop or religious superior to whom the cleric owes obedience.)  Usually, the bishop will designate (deputize) a priest to act on his behalf, called a Vicar General.

Monsignor J Bartylla, Vicar General of the Diocese of Madison

One thing I have learned in my many years of maneuvering around the chancery, is that they (Bishops and Vicars General) do not like to receive phone calls, emails, letters or post cards about troublesome priests (or deacons) liberal or conservative, ordinary or extraordinary, Latin or Eastern.  

What do we do with this information?  Tune in later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I never thought I would type these words, but I pretty much agree with Michael Voris on this. Even the occasional reader will know I am not even close to being a fan of Voris and his usual triumphal approach to evangelization. This is a point to ponder for the Zuhlsdorf's of the blogosphere.

Long live Pope Francis!  The Pope of Christian Unity!
God bless Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI!  Grant him health & long life!

Genuine Lenten Traditions

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blessed Lent! See you all after Easter!

When it comes right down to it, Zuhlsdorf and his ilk are just not worth the effort year round. They don't get it.  If left to their own devices, they never will.  PRAY FOR THEM!  FAST FOR THEM!  GIVE ALMS IN THEIR NAMES!


Give to the poor of your time, talents and treasure.
Let God work miracles in your life.

I'm not giving up, just tending to that which is most important.  I pray that all our readers, regular and occasional will do the same.

Most of all, please pray for me, a sinner.
Fr D